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Chief Digital Officer Africa 2019

Business Transformation Through Technology
10 - 11 April: Main Conference | 9 April: Heavy Digital Focus Day
Maslow Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg



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You’re looking for an edge, a way to stand out and opportunities to tell your story to the people that matter. Our conferences and private events are built to offer you access to the right people and flexibility to participate in a way that meets your specific goals.

Whether that be demand generation and strategic account acquisition, or go-to-market engagement and ingress into new sectors, we want to tailor your involvement to ensure a clear and measurable ROI.

Our events attract the senior business and technology leaders making the difficult decisions on how to lead their companies through a period of enormous disruption. They come to compare notes with their colleagues and understand the technologies that can help them realize the extraordinary potential offered by Cloud Services, SaaS, Workplace Tech, RPA, visualization and analytics tools, and digital transformation management strategies.

If your company has a service to offer in this space then you should talk to us about the different ways you can get involved from speaking, 1-2-1 meetings, showcasing technology, hosting social events, premium branding and content creation & distribution.


Our focus is helping you connect with the decision makers that need what you have. If you’d like to know more about how to get involved then contact us today. If you’d like to know more about how to get involved at Chief Digital Officer Africa 2019 then contact us today.

Michelle Meldau
Sponsorship Director: MEA
Corinium Global Intelligence
Email: michelle.meldau@coriniumgroup.com

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Chief Digital Officer Africa 2019